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AVA:Session 3

我画了些特定的东西++++I drew the picture of something specific.
如你所说的++++As you asked.
你说过很感兴趣我会画些什么++++You said it would be interesting to see what I would draw.
这有趣吗++++Is it interesting?
恩 很有趣++++Yes. It is.
你从没走出过这座建筑吗++++You've never been outside this building?
你从没出去走走吗++++You've never walked outside?
我从没走出过现在这个房间++++I've never been outside the room I am in now.
如果你出去的话 你会去哪里++++Where would you go if you did go outside?
我不确定++++I'm not sure.
太多选择了++++There are so many options.
也许会去城市里行人匆匆 交通繁忙的十字路口++++Maybe a busy pedestrian and traffic intersection in a city.
一个交通路口吗++++A traffic intersection?
这主意很糟吗++++Is that a bad idea?
我没想到你会去交通路口++++It wasn't what I was expecting.
交通路口展示了人类生活++++A traffic intersection would provide a concentrated
集中而变换的一面++++but shifting view of human life.
观察人们++++People watching.
我们可以一起去++++We could go together.
那这是约会咯++++It's a date.
我想给你看看其他一些东西++++There's something else I wanted to show you.
你可能会觉得很傻++++You might think it's stupid.
我不会的 不管是什么++++I don't think I will. Whatever it is.
那闭上眼睛++++Then close your eyes.
睁开眼睛++++Now open your eyes.
我看起来怎么样++++How do I look?
你看起来++++You look
我就穿这个去约会++++This is what I'd wear on our date.
恩 先去交通路口++++Right. First a traffic intersection.
然后去看场演出++++Then maybe a show.
我想一起出去约会++++I'd like us to go on a date.
恩 好啊++++Yeah. Yeah.
会很有趣的++++It would be fun.
你喜欢我吗++++Are you attracted to me?
-什么 -你喜欢我吗++++- What? - Are you attracted to me?
我感觉你喜欢我++++You give me indications that you are.
-是吗 -是的++++- I do? - Yes.
-怎么说 -你的微表情++++- How? - Micro expressions.
微表情++++Micro expressions.
你盯着我眼睛和嘴唇的方式++++The way your eyes fix on my eyes and lips.
你注视着我的眼神++++The way you hold my gaze
或是躲避的眼神++++or don't.
我们不在一起时 你会想我吗++++Do you think about me when we aren't together?
有时候在晚上++++Sometimes at night,
我会想你有没有透过监控器看我++++I'm wondering if you're watching me on the cameras.
我希望你有++++And I hope you are.
现在你微表情看起来很不适++++Now your micro expressions are telegraphing discomfort.
我觉得你不该称那是微表情++++I am not sure you'd call them micro.
我不想让你感到不适++++I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable.

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